Notice to THT Patients

Posted 9/21/21

Earlier this year, the Teachers Health Trust hired third party administrator UMR to begin managing their health plans. We have struggled for months to communicate with both THT and UMR regarding our network status. We were told that as of October 1st, they would be utilizing the Sierra Healthcare Options (SHO) credentialing network for providers and because we are not credentialed with SHO, we would be considered an Out of Network provider at that time or until we are able to finish the credentialing process. 

Unfortunately, it appears that what were told was incorrect, and UMR began processing all claims beginning July 1, 2021 under SHO. This means that they retroactively considered us Out of Network. 

Because of all of this confusion, we are on an indefinite pause taking Teachers Health Trust patients. We plan to extend a special self-pay discount to all of our current teacher patients and their dependents until we can get this situation sorted out.


We appreciate your patience very much! We look forward to continue to provide excellent service and care for years to come. 


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns