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If you have insurance

Your insurance policy is a contact between you and your insurance company. While we are happy to assist you with billing them directly, we need you to provide the following information prior to your treatment, which can be obtained by calling your insurance company directly, getting in touch with your company's human resources department, or by reviewing your plan documents:

- Confirmation that you have acupuncture as a covered benefit on your policy. Acupuncture is not considered an "essential health benefit" and as such, is not always included in your list of benefits. This means that even if you find our name on your network list, you may NOT have acupuncture on your plan as a covered benefit.  

- Your deductible amount. The deductible is the amount of money that you must spend out of your own pocket before insurance will begin covering your claims. During the deductible period, all out of pocket costs are collected at the time of service according to the insurance company allowed amounts for the procedures that are performed.

- Your copay or co-insurance amount for acupuncture. If you do have acupuncture benefits, then typically there is a per visit copay (a set amount) and/or a co-insurance (a % of the allowed amount). Copays and/or coinsurance amounts represent the amount you are responsible for after your deductible is met and insurance starts covering treatment.  

- The number of allowed acupuncture visits per year. Most plans that include acupuncture as a benefit will only cover a certain number of visits per year.


Please be aware that insurance coverage for acupuncture is limited to pain therapy only!

We are in-network* providers for the following insurance companies:


Benefits vary; Covered conditions restrictions apply

Anthem BlueCrossBlueShield

Benefits vary; Pain therapy only

Culinary Health Fund

12 visits per year; $15 Copay; Covered conditions restrictions apply

Teachers Health Trust

20 visits per year; $30 copay; Based on medical necessity


Clark County Dignity Health Golden Nugget Las Vegas Metro Las Vegas Sands (Venetian) MGM Resorts Truline

United Healthcare

Benefits vary; Pain therapy only

Clark County Self Funded

Clark County Self-Funded through HealthScope 20 Visits per year; 20% coinsurance after deductible


City of Henderson

*Acupuncture benefits are not guaranteed. Every policy must be verified for acupuncture coverage as stated above. Please contact your plan administrator or insurance company to obtain plan information prior to booking your appointment.  

All copays, coinsurance, and deductible payments are due at time of service. 

Other patient responsibilities (if applicable) will be billed after the

Explanation of Benefits (EOB) has been received on your processed claim.

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