Goodbye Dr. Joel

Dr. Joel Rios joined our Integrative Acupuncture family last March just before I went out on maternity leave. In fact, he really came through for us in a pinch when we desperately needed a good doctor to

fill in for me during my absence. He ended up staying with us even after I returned, which has been great. Sadly for us, he is now going out on his own and opening a private practice on the other side of town.

We had to have a goodbye dinner to mark the occasion, so we chose a local Thai restaurant. Dr. Joel even got a ginseng plant for his new office as a gift from the team, who Shenell cutely named "Jenny" the ginseng.

We wish him all the best and look forward to seeing his future success at Desert Ridge Acupuncture (opening soon near Russell Rd. & Pecos). We'll miss you Dr. Joel! Thanks for everything!

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